Educating You …

Danny’s Dogs Beyond Training… I help people comprehend how our four legged friends naturally behave amongst one another and how they communicate with each other. I’m dedicated to those who seek to learn. My training technique are for those who want to help and explore their dog’s MIND, learn a lot about how dog’s learn, and learn a bit about themselves. Open minds that put ego aside can achieve their goals quickly. If you think a dog should be trained with force at every level I am not for you. I believe in building a relationship based on respect where you are firmly the “boss” through shaping behavior intelligently. Not through brute force. If this sounds like the kind of relationship you want with your dog then I’ll be glad to help you.

Danny’s Dogs Training is different because its’s not just about “training the dog” its about us the evolved species learning to communicate with ours dogs. I go beyond training by teaching you the human. Plus it’s very important that your dogs Trust and Respect YOU! not the trainer.

Dogs are very receptive and experts at reading our temperament and please keep it in mind that they are not programable devices!!! Therefore I have to work with YOU because YOU are the biggest influence.

There is no magic, no quick fixes, but a Meaningful Change!

Dogs are loyal social creatures, I firmly believe that the best way to educate, teach or “train” dogs is building their confidence and lowering their stress levels, this can only happen if the parents (owners) learn how to communicate with their best friend and consistency is applied. There is a big difference between luck and skill.

Danny’s Dogs do not include harsh methods, such as prong collars, Spray bottles, Shock collars, yelling, intimidation or bribes, such as food or treats.

I will share the knowledge on how dogs perceive things and how that relates to their actions. Also educate you to have a skill on how to be a fair leader “Not a dictator” so that your dog will trust you and be comfortable and relaxed.

Earning your dog’s trust and respect can help you to understand and bond with your dog faster and easier without pain or intimidation. This will eliminate the need to constantly correct bad behavior.

Danny’s Dogs training methods are based on…

Influence,Trust and Respect!

the environment, people other pets, everything, every situation, every
emotional feeling we have influences our dogs in a positive or negative

earning our dogs trust is a must! It’s a very important step. If the dog
doesn’t trust you, the dog will not follow you, or your commands.

we human must respect the dog as a dog and learn to communicate with them.
About equipment… We think a leash or specific collar is going to make your dog walk by your side and behave!!! there are so many collars, leashes, gentle leader, etc available to the public, but owners must learn how to use them properly after they have successfully done the three most
important actions: Influence, Trust and Respect”. If we can be “on the same page” – in other words, if you can follow my guidance and work diligently with your dog every single day, I am confident that, as a team, we can make this happen.